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Parcus Medical™

At Parcus Medical™ our mission is to create innovative surgical product solutions that allow our healthcare partners to provide patient care without compromise. Our mission is aligned with orthopedic surgeons and health care facilities that need sports medicine products that perform to the highest standards and provide a genuine value proposition for their patients. 


Established in 2009, NEOSTEO is a dynamic French company specialized in the design, development, manufacturing and marketing of advanced implant solutions aimed to simplify osteosynthesis bone fixation. NEOSTEO is committed to developing evidence-based and efficient products. 

DJO Surgical

DJO Surgical is able to provide orthopedic surgeons a high-end, patient focused solution for total joint arthroplasty. DJO Surgical partners with key consulting surgeons to provide focused innovative and proprietary patent devices, such as the Reverse® Shoulder Prosthesis.


GelOS synthetic osteoconductive gel can be implanted directly into bony voids or defects of the skeletal system (i.e. long bones, extremities, spine and pelvis). The water soluble carrier then dissolves leaving behind the calcium phosphate matrix which is resorbed and replaced with bone during the healing process.



Established in 1982 in Leeds, UK, Neoligaments is a leading British medical device company specializing in the design, development, manufacture and supply of implantable textile-based scaffolds for the sports medicine and orthopaedic markets.


JRI Orthopaedics

JRI Orthopaedics was formed in 1970 by orthopaedic surgeon Ronald Furlong to introduce the Müller cemented hip to the UK market and, in 1977, manufacturing of hip implants and instrumentation was established in Sheffield.

JRI has invested more in orthopaedic research as a percentage of its turnover than any other implant manufacturer, a fact that we are very proud of. 

KLS Martin

Surgical innovation is our passion. This is the promise of our brand and the aspiration which drives us. The functionality of one's own musculoskeletal apparatus has a significant effect on personal wellbeing. The restoration of musculoskeletal defects is therefore of utmost importance in orthopedics.  Our objective is to be the first choice for all decision makers who use, process or purchase our products.


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